Concrete Pump Hoses

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Concrete pump hoses can be used for suction and relieve concrete, dry bulk materials and dry cement.

Working temperature range is roughly -25ºC to 80ºC.

Lining should be abrasion resistant. The abrasion value is measured based on Noise 53516. The low the measured value the greater quality and longer lifetime. The lifetime is measured with th amount of the communicated material. Generally natural rubber based compounds are selected for lining.

Cover should be ozone resistant as well as abrasion resistant.Generally synthetic rubber based compounds are selected for canopy.

Reinforcement depends upon pressure needed and inner diameter from the hose. Standard working pressure is 85 bar (1232 PSI) and standard burst pressure is 200 bar (2900 PSI).

Standard inner diameter is 125mm (5″) and standard lengths are 3m,4m and 5m.

Also ends are hardened with special techniques and couplings are fixed by crimping. This prolongs the duration of the hose.

General details about concrete: Concrete is among our most typical building materials, it includes aggregates binded by cement paste. The compressive strength of concrete would be to a sizable extent determined by water to cement ratio (w/c). Cement is really a hydraulic binder, meaning it hardens with a reaction with water to something that isn’t water soluble. The tiniest particles from the concrete paste have been in the plethora of micrometers (or perhaps nanometers), the biggest particles, the aggregates, are varying several centimeters. The kinds and proportions from the concrete constituents not just influence concrete’s hard qualities, but additionally its fresh qualities.

Workability of Concrete: The concrete mix is made to fit needs within the hardened condition: in the cheapest cost possible it must satisfy standards regarding surface, shape, strength, durability, shrinkage and creep. There’s not just a demand for constituents to become of sufficient quantity and quality, but the concrete workability is crucial. Workability might be understood to be the quantity of work essential to achieve full compaction, based on Neville (2000). The meaning succumbed ACI (1994) is: ‘that property of freshly mixed concrete or mortar which determines the convenience and homogeneity that it may be mixed, placed, consolidated and finished’. Qualitative words to explain concrete workability are e.g. concrete flow-ability, compact-ability, stability, finish-ability, pump-ability. These functions might be quantitatively measured when it comes to consistency, mobility, vicsosity etc. As presented by Tattersall and Banfill (1983), for any kind of casting, it is usually vital that you be aware of minimum workability needed to make sure:

(i) the concrete being acceptable mixed and transported,

(ii) complete form filling, even just in the existence of awkward sections and congested reinforcement,

(iii) sufficient compaction to expel excessive air voids and

(iv) good surface finish without honeycombing or numerous blowholes along with the capacity of giving the concrete a pleasant finish.

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