Sept24 – A Hiring and Management Agency Reveals the Involvement of HR in A Company

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Human resources describe the people working for a company and the department responsible to manage the resources related to employees. This term human resources was coined first in the 1960s when the labor relations value began to gain attention and the notions such as organizational behavior, motivation, and selection assessments took form and a real shape.

The HR management is an umbrella term describing the development and management of employees in a company. It is also referred to as talent or personnel management. Human resource management takes into control all the things relating to managing human capital. This is the reason Human resource management is committed on several major areas, including:

  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Training and learning
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Organization development
  • Labor and employee relations

Owing to the different areas of management to be handled by the HR management, the professional in this field are expected to possess in one or more areas the required expertise.

Human Resource Management, a closer look states that the HR management involves administering and developing programs designed to promote the business or organization effectiveness. It also includes cultivating the relationship between employee and employer, besides managing and creating the entire spectrum.  The HR department takes charge of many responsibilities such as:

  • Businesses and agencies
  • Providing orientation programs for fresh hires
  • Managing selection, job recruitment, and promotion
  • Providing guidance about disciplinary actions
  • promoting, developing and enforcing policies
  • overseeing and developing the benefits of employee and wellness programs
  • serving as the main contact for injuries or accidents at work-site

 Human resource management also:

Addresses the concerns of the current employee: Unlike other company managers who look after the work of day-to day of the employees, there is also the employee concern that is to be dealt by the HR and this includes the training, pension plans, employee investments, pay, and benefits. In fact, their work also includes settling conflicts of employees or between managers and employees.

Accommodating new employees: The HR management team is the one that recruits potential employees to take care of the hiring process that includes drug testing to background checks, and to provide orientation to the new employee.

Improving morale: Successful HR teams promote their company employees to give their best output such that it contributes to the company’s overall success. Their work often entails rewarding employees for their best performance and also in maintaining a positive work environment.