5 Phone Answering Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

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Many times, people are not aware of the faux pas they make on a phone call, as they are so burdened up with running the errands. But that is not a favorable move when it comes to handling business calls. You must be aware of the fact that these phone call blunders actually drive people away. Here are some of them. Take some time to ponder, and if you relate to any one of these points, it’s never too late to improvize.

  1. You are giving the customers too many options.

You don’t want to overwhelm your customers and they are usually in a rush when they call. Giving callers a variety of options might seem easy on your side, but in reality it only adds to the frustration on the other side. Another common issue is having various ‘levels’ of options. The outcome is the same nonetheless. Instead, keep it simple. Limit your menu to no more than 3 to 5 times.

  1. Making it hard to speak with a human on the other side.

Another common complaint among people is how difficult the IVRs and automated answering services make for them to speak with an actual human on the other hand. There are some issues that only can be solved by conversing human to human. Instead, address the complaint quickly and get a rep on line right away. Do not make the customers wait by making them browse through the list of options.

  1. Using cookie-cutter prompts

Many companies get trapped by being bland and mediocre when it comes to setting automatic prompts on their IVR. By using the tedious old voice prompt will not gain you any points from the customers’ side. Keep in mind that the IVR is branding your company, its first impression, so make the most of it. And do not install any old, mundane or any confusing language.

  1. Overdoing it with the IVR

Do not try to get too much information out from your customers beforehand. Make sure less is more. Keep it simple. Do not overcomplicate your IVR by any means. Cut to the chase and when in doubt, get back to square one, but keep it simple.

  1. Not asking for feedback

This is one of the grave mistakes you can commit. Feedback help in knowing which aspect of IVR is helping or affecting your business by asking your customers. Feel free to ask them for feedback.

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