Advantages and Applications Of Recovered Steel Products

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Surplus or recovered steel products have slight corrosion or minor defects from being stored. It has lots of useable life, so can be applied in myriads of different uses.

Advantages of recovered steel products

Cost and quality

  • It is less expensive.
  • Its quality is similar to new steel products.
  • It offers better value for money.

Eco friendly

New steel production uses a lot of energy against –

  • Mining ore deposits
  • Processing ore into proper raw materials
  • Manufacture finished steel

Surplus steel products can be purchased locally thus reducing fossil fuel usage against transportation. Even though recovered steel has natural patina or blemishes, it adds a distinctive distressed or aged look to your project.

Where do recovered steel products come from?

Recovered steel material gets sold as unused inventory from –

  • Construction projects
  • Stores gone out of business
  • From businesses who ordered too much

Minor imperfections can be seen in the form of alterations or cut for specific purpose. Selecting material cautiously can make recovered steel a great alternative for myriads of projects. In addition, you save significant cash in comparison. You can buy recovered steel products in an extensive range of shapes, at the local yards.

  • Pipe
  • Rebar
  • Channels
  • Steel plate
  • Angles
  • Flat-rolled steel sheet
  • Wide flange beams
  • And more

Application of recovered steel

Recovered steel is good alternative for projects like –

Ranch or farm fences

Extremely strong and tough fences are necessary to hold large livestock like goats, pigs, horses, and cattle. It prevents animals from breaking out and keeps predators entering in. It is a cost-effective option to create a long lasting barrier for vast areas.


Steel gates are lightweight and strong. To close a walkway through road, driveway or fence use tubing, channel, pipe, or angle iron to build a gate.

Cattle guards

Gates are impractical in fenced areas, so use a cattle guard to hold livestock. Thus you can drive a vehicle easily but livestock get discouraged from crossing as their feet slip through spaces between beams or pipes.

Yard fencing

Simple fence yard in urban areas allow animals and children to enjoy playing without concerns about traffic.

Shade structure

Shade structure is helpful in areas that receive lots of sun. Shade structure can be used to shade recreational vehicles or mobile homes to reduce cooling cost.

These are few examples from other hundreds of projects, where recovered steel material is ideal. You can sand and finish recovered steel to make it look visually appealing.