Are Plastic Manholes Are Replacing Their Concrete Counterparts

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Manholes are an integral part of man’s advancements in sanitation for ages and it has seen several evolutions as it aged. Today, catching up with the technological advancements we are seen switching from our concrete and brick manholes to their plastic advancements. So as natural as it is, we doubt the new guys and ask if they are really better than the concrete ones we are familiar to.

So, let’s see if they really are. Today, we focus on installation, adaptability, flexibility, resistance, tightness and of course maintenance.


In comparison to concrete/brick manholes who on average weighs around 3 to 4 ton requires more labourers and paraphernalia of heavy machinery which naturally increase the cost of installation.

Adaptability & flexibility

Any kind of distribution difference in the soil could easily damage your concrete manholes letting in a leak from outside. These kinds of leaks are not the case with the newer plastic manholes as they have been tested even in severe conditions and are known to survive due to their flexible nature.


Resistance is the context referred to the ability of the material to stay unreactive to chemical substances within the water such as salts and acids. Plastic manholes are designed to stay true and unreactive to such chemical mixtures hence making them effective as wastewater managers than the concrete ones that easily corrode at the walls and floors when in contact.


Tightness is one of the most essential parts to the proper functioning of a manhole. However, concrete and bricks are more prone to porosity and cracks that let in water or contamination from outside. The plastic compartments are however sealed and more protective making it one of the most effective materials in the making of a manhole.


This is one of the most concerning parts of any machinery’s pros and cons. Here, the rough edges and surface of the concrete tanks play against them over time accumulating solid waste and liquid residues which require manual cleaning. However, the plastic counters are equipped with rounded and inclined surfaces to the outlets to get better flow and reduced waste storage.

Thus, we have strong reason to believe that the plastic manholes are truly an upgrade to the concrete ones. They act as a strong solution to the problems of their prior makes. This product is built through vigorous procedures to make sure of its strength. If you find yourself curious about the procedure here is a simple guide to plastic molding.