Business Management – Being a Better Delegator

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Certainly one of a manager’s key roles would be to delegate work. Delegation releases the managers time to pay attention to work that’s worth more and productive. To become a good delegator the manager must determine which kind of work must be delegated and that ought to not. Here are tasks the manager shouldn’t delegate:

Setting goals

A vital managing role is to check out the large picture. This requires setting they or departments medium to lengthy term goals and also the overall direction of in which the organisation is heading. This kind of task can’t be delegated since it is the essential, essential duty and responsibility from the manager’s role.

Supplying support

A vital role from the manager would be to provide support towards the team. This requires supplying feedback of employee’s progress and work. If great work continues to be accomplished then it’s the manager’s job to make sure there’s recognition and praise given. If this sounds like delegated to other team people then, this could affect morale because it transmits the message the manager doesn’t think it important enough to get it done personally. In this manner staff can seem to be less valued.


A fundamental part of a manager’s role is appraising their staff’s performance at work. Other key roles is hearing their staff should they have any problems and with disciplinary issues. Exactly why managers need to be the one that appraise their employees are since it is even the manager’s job to create all of their staff’s goals, produce the standards and excellence of work they should achieve. The manager must determine whether staff are meeting these standards and choose what must happen when these standards aren’t met. This cannot be carried out by other people however the manager.