Creating Product Packaging That Stands Out – Check These Tips!

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Brands are constantly struggling with their marketing goals, often because they are not sure as how to convince buyers to buy the same product time and again. It’s easy to understand why product packaging is so, so important in that context. Packaging is the first thing that the customers see – regardless of whether you are shipping the product or the customer is getting it from a store. Packaging must be effective and should stand out – Period.

In this post, we bring tips that as brands can manage to achieve the same.

Follow the KISS rule –

Keep It Simple, Stupid – That’s the one rule that brands need to follow when it comes to product packaging, especially boxes. You don’t want to design a complicated box that the customers would need more time to open. The idea is to go for customization and not complications. Any buyer should be able to associate the box with the brand and product. Yes, add information that’s required, include the logo, but skip what can be avoided.

Partner with a box manufacturer

Box manufacturers like work with brands to help them with their marketing and packaging needs. These companies have years of experience and expertise behind them and they start with clients from the basic aspects, as such structural conceptualization, design, choice of colors and much more. If you are a small brand that’s trying to find a foothold in the market, partnering with these manufacturers will save a considerable amount of time and effort.

Create an experience

Check YouTube, and you will find thousands of product reviews. Most reviewers and vloggers are particularly focused on the packaging and if that adds any value to the product. To be more precise, you want the unboxing process to be an experience, and for that, the box needs to have the following –

  • Colors that pop out
  • Shape that works according to the product being sold
  • Protection to keep the product safe

Most customers are also aware of the fact that box packaging often goes to the landfills, and therefore, they don’t appreciate brands that waste materials for better design. Also, more packaging material used for each box adds to the cost.

The bottom line is to create a box that defines your product. It should become a part of the marketing process and must be designed with the budget in check. Get an estimate before placing an order.