How to Use the Resurfacing Of Direct Mail Marketing To Your Advantage

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In today’s age, there’s something special about a material letter. We find that we are even more convinced of a letter’s impact over time. One of the urban myths in the industry is the death of direct mail marketing. Here we discuss the facts that make direct mail marketing not only far from dead but an effective system that stays hidden to even many market leaders who use direct mail marketing effectively with people like US Presort.

The major reasons behind the resurging popularity of the direct mail system include:

Less competition

A less competitive space in today’s industries is almost impossible with everything going technological. Ease of access with the scopes of globalization is building huge traffic in every niche and possibility. However, lying under the radar all these years is the old system of direct mailing.

High delivery rates

The chances of a direct mail getting noticed were the biggest challenge of every salesman 20 years back but today emails are hoarded with spam and scams. Moreover, you always risk getting pushed back by modern scanners that pull you out almost immediately. Meanwhile, the whole direct mail scenario is as effective as any other system today with almost 75% mails being read.

Tangible experience

As mentioned earlier, there is a rekindled attachment to tangible experiences in the digital age. Your direct mail copy stands to be special, given that you put enough thought to the next point.

Tons of personality and format options

Space for personalization and formatting options is huge compared to the digital counterparts. The personality of the letter can be set with images or words while the format options include from postcards to letters of any colour and size and even boxes and mail tubes. Hence the choices are almost endless.

A possibility of adding sample

Everybody loves a free gift and here you get a chance to give your mailing list a gift sample which stands higher chances of conversion and brand recognition.

Email, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter are all options for marketing you ever hear about these days. The current space is all about electronic marketing, especially social media. Now, we can add direct mailing again and hope we have clarified your doubt. So yes, direct mail is still alive and well as an effective part of the marketing mix. Also, direct mails are shown to drive online traffic as the recipient tends to check out your online presence with your customers, by checking out your brand online.