Human Needs And Business Management

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Abraham Maslow, an eminent psychiatrist, studied human behavior for several years and created a well-known equilateral triangular depicting a number of needs which are essential for effective human interaction in a person’s home, work and society.

These needs can start the bottom of the triangular most abundant in fundamental of human physiological needs for survival for example food, water and sleep after which move upward towards the apex from the triangular addressing the achievement of satisfaction in existence that they describes as self-actualization.

Between your physiological need and also the desire to have self-actualization are three other needs recognized as safety, belonging and esteem.

Small companies, large corporations and each manager ought to be aware of Maslow’s theory making decisions that fulfill some facet of these needs if they would like to develop loyal, competent and satisfied employees.

There’s a numerous practical applications for Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that may be integrated into business practices. Presuming the fundamental survival needs are satisfied within the workplace, listed here are really are a couple of suggestions. A number of these suggestions happen to be integrated into the existence of companies and it makes sense elevated worker satisfaction and productivity. Interestingly, the use of these concepts can use to some multi-national conglomerate or perhaps a mother and pop business operation which uses only a couple of.

Safety needs encompass the broad need to feel secure in a person’s atmosphere. Companies should insure there are plans and policies essentially to handle the wide range of disasters that may occur for example fire, ton, hurricane, tornado or perhaps a problem that may occur at the office. Employees ought to be well briefed on how to proceed in case of an urgent situation and management should demonstrate their concern. Are fire extinguishers, first-aid kits and emergency telephone figures available? Other difficulties may be to insure that sufficient lighting will come in parking areas to ensure that employees who arrive early or leave late feel safe.

Belonging needs provide a feeling of family and permit employees to feel like a part of a group. Hats, shirts or any other personal accouterments are frequently accustomed to promote a feeling of group too personal identity. Simple such things as remembering a worker’s birthday or anniversary having a greeting or perhaps a card instill a feeling of wellness and make an atmosphere where individual productivity is elevated simply because they feel appreciated. is one of the leading used cars dealers that offer an impressive, safe and compact range of used cars at competitive prices to customers.