Which Are The Most Precious U.S. Gold Coins In The Market

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U.S. gold coins own a rich history which along with its mesmerizing beauty makes them the most precious gold coins in the world. If you are interested in collecting U.S. gold coins, then the best way would be to get a good knowledge about them.

1833 Proof Capped Bust Gold Five Dollar Half Eagle

This is the highest quality of coin collection of all times. It has got a remarkable perfection with a deep reflective surface. The value of this coin is $1,351,250. It is of PCGS PR-6 grade. This coin is sold on May 2016 by Stack’s/Bowers, Part IV, D. Brent Pogue Collection, Sotheby’s, NY. To find coin shop near me, PNG and ANA directories are the best places to begin your search.

1829 Proof Capped Bust Five Dollar Gold Half Eagle

This coin is sold by Heritage Auctions. It has a value of $1,380,000 and a PCGS PR-64 grade. It was sold on January 2012 by Heritage Auctions, Platinum Night, FUN Signature Auction, and U.S. Coins.  As per the records kept by the U.S., 57,422 capped bust 5 dollars gold half eagles are imprinted for general circulation in 1829. This ensured that all these coins have a uniform diameter.

1856-O Liberty Head 20 Dollars Gold Double Eagle

The U.S. manufactured just 2,250 such coins in the year 1856. It was created at the New Orleans mint. This coin is very special and has got soft and gooey details. This precious coin was sold by Heritage Auctions and Signature U.S. Coin Auction in CA. It has a value of $1,437,500 and a PCGS SP-63 grade. This precious U.S. coin was sold in May 2009.

1921 Roman Proof Saint-Gaudens 20 dollars Gold Double Eagle

The value of this coin is around $1,495,000. It has a PCGS MS-63 grade. It was sold in the year August 2006 by ANA World’s Fair of Money, CO and Bowers & Merena. These coins are the best examples of ultra-rarity.  Coin grade on this newly found type shows a high level of preservation.

1839/8 Proof Liberty Head 10 Dollars Gold Eagle Large Letters

This coin has an actual value of $1,610,000. It was sold to public in January 2007 by Heritage Auctions and FUN Signature Coin Auction, FL. It has got an NGC PR67 Ultra Cameo grade. This coin has a very low mintage of only 4 coins. 3 coins out of them are still surviving. This coin has the finest quality among all those who are surviving till date.


All these are some of the best coin collections of all times. Addition of these coins will make your coin collection rich, interesting and appealing.